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Apr 11th | 17 notes Current WIP
Apr 11th | 16 notes Current WIP
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No guarantees in lifeSometimes, love just go wrongBut that’s okayEither way it’s worth itLove’s still my favorite song
Jan 8th | 4 notes Haven’t updated in a looooooooooooooooong time.
Just a quickie to try overlaying colour again~
Nov 19th | 17 notes [WIP]

Park Gyuri ☆ KARA
Nov 6th | 29 notes [WIP]
Victoria Song ☆ f(x)
This is only around half done, so I might post one more update before the finished drawing. 
Oct 17th | 24 notes Zhang Ziyi
Oct 9th | 11 notes There is a channel on Youtube called Rinozawa. Basically, the parents of two adorable Japanese children (Rino, Female and Yuuma, Male) record parts of their everyday life and achievements. Rino and Yuuma are both so cute, and their parents seem like great and caring people. Here is a WIP study I’m currently doing of the younger child, Yuuma. 
Oct 2nd | 20 notes Quick Onew study… Probably won’t finish it. ;-;
Oct 2nd | 25 notes Random face, no reference. 
Sep 20th | 14 notes Nichkhun ☆ 2PM
Jul 28th | 12 notes Victoria ☆ f(x)
Eh. Didn’t really spend as much time as I usually do on this one. I’ll do another Victoria portrait soon, hopefully with a better reference. 
Also, I am running out of people to draw! If you want me to draw someone, please send me an ask and I’ll do it as soon as I can.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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